Anna Miler

Job / Position

Startup Development Specialist in STARTER Gdańsk Business Incubator


Gdańsk, Poland

Work experience

The co-author and co-ordinator of the Women Build Ships Too project, she is also the co-author of a mentoring program for women working in the maritime and logistics industry. She is striving to build a community of women - students and workers alike – who are engaged in this industry. She has deep historical knowledge about the role of women in the Polish ship industry. As part of her doctoral philological studies at the University of Gdańsk, she is preparing a dissertation on the everyday life of women employed at Gdańsk Shipyard. For many years, she has been working on projects related to women's history and the support of women. She is the co-author of herstorical project concepts including ‘Shipyard is a Woman’, ‘Metropolitanka’ and ‘Women for Democratic (R)evolution’. She is the author of the route of the Shipyard’s Women Walk, organised to follow the footsteps of women who built ships and protested in Gdańsk Shipyard. This is as well as being a tour guide presenting the former shipyard areas. In 2018, she co-ordinated the 100 Women 100 Years project which resulted in creating a base of 100 biographies of women of merit. She was a member of the Gdańsk Council for Equal Treatment during the first term of office. She has been a speaker at both national and foreign conferences. She works as a startup specialist at Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER (STARTER Gdańsk Business Incubator). Apart from working on ‘Women Build Ships Too’, she has been involved in actions addressed to the creative industries and obtaining funds.

Areas of expertise