Kobiety też budują statki

The theme of the World Maritime Day 2019 was “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”. Therefore, there were various initiatives drawing attention to women’s situation in the industry – conferences, workshops, media campaigns. Gdansk Business Incubator STARTER has begun to implement the project “Kobiety też budują statki” (‘Women Build Ships Too’) whose purpose is to support their professional development or entrepreneurial mindsets. Thanks to the support of the City of Gdańsk, STARTER has organized workshops which improve women’s managerial skills, created a database of female experts in this field and supported teachers when it comes to teaching business in the context of maritime industries (and encouraging girls to take up studies has been conducting. We conducted a study, whose goal was to obtain information about the conditions of their work and the unique character of them moving up the career ladder. This year we will continue our journey with a mentoring program for students and employees, further workshops and strengthening our community.


Join our Speakers Bank

A Speakers Bank aim is to promote female specialists, managers and directors from maritime and logistic. In this way, we want to make it easier for organizers of events about the maritime industry to reach female speakers. Join the Speakers Bank here: https://kobiety.inkubatorstarter.pl/en/expert/

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Women in Maritime – summary of the research

We present a summary of the report on the careers of women working in the maritime industry. The aim of the research conducted by Monika Popow PhD was to obtain information on the determinants of women’s work in the maritime industry, as well as the specifics of their career. What…

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„Is it a men’s game (only)?”. The article in the Harbours Review

“Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” is the theme of this year’s World Maritime Day. On this occasion, a variety of initiatives have been kicked off, including the 3rd International Women’s Conference held in Malmö in April or the upcoming September London-hosted Women in Shipping Summit. […] In addition, this…

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Katarzyna Knuth

Naval Architect in Choreń Design & Consulting

Jowita Zielinkiewicz


Ellina Lolis

Managing Director & Vice President of the Board in JF Hillebrand Poland

Joanna Ryngwelska