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‘Women Build Ships Too’, the project of Gdansk Enterpreneurship Incubator STARTER, aims to strengthen the leadership competencies of women working in the maritime and logistics industry, raising their visibility as experts and promoting their work in the industry among young people. The inauguration of the project in 2019 coincided with the World Maritime Day organised by the International Maritime Organisation under the theme ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’. The project also meets the recommendations of the Gdansk Model for Equal Treatment concerning non-stereotypical career choices.

The actions implemented so far include:


  • Mentoring program, lasting from June to September 2020
    13 mentors worked with 17 mentees. The group of mentees consisted of the final year students and previous year graduates of both technical and maritime universities (the Gdańsk University of Technology and Gdynia Maritime University), in addition to working people and those looking for their first job. While working with their mentors, the mentees were setting their goals for the following months and years in addition to deciding how to reach them. Some of the mentees have already succeeded. They have started their dream placement or internship, changed job or taken on courses that will help them to get the necessary certifications. The group of mentors included women from various fields in the maritime and logistics industry from naval constructors, through to customs agents and captains. There were over 100 hours of on-line and off-line mentoring meetings.
  • Three editions of managerial workshops developing competencies that are essential for leaders: eliminating discrimination in the workplace, communication and team-building competence.
  • Individual coaching sessions.
  • Workshops on personal branding on LinkedIn.
  • Creating an online community (a Facebook group) for sharing information, networking and cooperating.
  • In 2019, research on the career paths of women from the maritime industry was carried out and the results have become the basis for planning other upcoming activities.

  • Workshops for school career counsellors as well as interviews presenting various professions in the form of webinars during which maritime industry female workers talk about their work. In 2019, students visited maritime industry companies.

  • A bank of experts on inkubatorstarter.pl.
  • Photoshoots for the STARTER social media channels.
  • In 2019, two walks around former shipyard areas were organised with maritime industry women.