Kobiety też budują statki

Ellina Lolis

Job / Position

Managing Director & Vice President of the Board in JF Hillebrand Poland


Gdynia, Poland

Work experience

A manager with a multicultural background, she is fluent in three languages (Polish, English and Russian) and almost fluent in French. She has been working in an international environment from the beginning of her career, having gained experience in markets of Russia, Poland, the Middle East and former CIS countries. Her portfolio includes a large number of international projects during which she has cooperated with people of different nationalities and managed numerous multicultural teams. She has directly managed a team of employees from 10 radically different cultural environments. Currently, she is cooperating with representatives of over 20 nationalities. She is the Executive Director and Vice-President of JF Hillebrand Poland as well as the President of JF Hillebrand Russia. She is also responsible for 12 company offices in countries such as Latvia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. She emphasises the importance of having knowledge of cultural differences. Moreover, as a member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research), she spreads knowledge and shares her experience of managing cultural differences in business. She provides training and workshops on intercultural communication and global leadership, thus helping to develop cultural intelligence and competence.