Kobiety też budują statki

Oliwia Kondracka

Job / Position

3rd Officer


Gdańsk, Poland

Work experience

She graduated Gdynia Maritime University and with her engineer degree she started her career at sea as a Seaman. In the meantime, she also worked in a shipping company as a Data Processor in the Maintenance & Repair of Containers Department. Half a year was enough to miss working at sea, so she came back. She's working on ro-ro/passenger ships, known as a ferries. She is currently working as a 3rd Officer position. She also started her Master's studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology. Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology is part of her passion, which she decided to combine with working at sea. She also plans to connect these things with Ship Management, so that after the right time and experience gained at sea, she can take full advantage of it on land.

fot. Sylwester Ciszek Photography