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Karolina Andrearczyk

Job / Position

Anticorrosion Specialist, Inspector Frosio III in Mostostal Pomorze SA


Gdańsk, Poland

Work experience

Education and experience: 2001-2006, Gdańsk University of Technology, Materiał Engineering, Corrosion Engineering (Msc) 2006-2007, Polwar, Main Assistant of Engineer 2013-till nów Mostostal Pomorze SA, Anticorrosion Specialist Publications: 1.On-line measurement of cell impedance during charging and discharging proces, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2009 2. Determination of occurrence of anodic excursion peaks by dynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy and cyclic voltammetry, Journal of Power Sources, 2009 3.Determination of pseudocapacitance changes of nickel oxide NiO electrode with use of dynamic electrochemical impedancje spectroscopy, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 2014 4. Electrochemical impedance studies of AB5 -type hydrogen storage alloy, Journal of Power Sources, 2010 Some Recent Projects: Bladt Arcadis Ost Grillage for JC SRU Johan Castberg Floater Topside AP500/800 and Stair Towers Sverdrup Raising Project Bladt Northwester 2 Mongstad Northern Lights